Lili G




Born to lycan nobility in an alternate 43rd-century Earth, Liliana Engel is orphaned at a young age and forced to fend for herself. But her fortunes change when she is adopted by the Gunnarssons (LIVES OF FUTURE-PAST).

After the Vrol War, Lili (now Gunnarsson) moves to her parents' home world to attend school at Saint Mary's Academy. However, she is forced to go by the name Lili Gatto, due to her new family's celebrity. She also must keep her borne-lycan status and ability to harness magic an absolute secret while she navigates the intricacies of an entirely new social environment.

This all-new YA series follows Lili as she attends school, makes friends (and enemies) and not only learns math, English, Spanish and science, but also how to harness the secrets of the universe. Enhanced subspecies, magic, time-travel and alternate realities are intertwined with the homework, adolescent issues and crushes of this fun and unique protagonist.


The first two books of the Lili G series are complete, but have not yet been published. Literary agents and publishers are encouraged to contact the author through the Steve Benton contact form.

Log Line:

Twelve-year-old Lili Gatto just wants to be a normal girl at her new school-Saint Mary's Academy, located in Córdoba, Nueva Argentina. She has the same problems as any other kid her age; lots of homework, antagonistic popular kids and a teacher she doesn't care for.

She also has other problems that are quite different.

Some very nasty people are working as proxy assassins for a group of banished Prīmulī, and Lili is their target. They know if they wait too long, Lili, who is an illegal lycan/Primulus hybrid, will come of age and be more powerful than all of them combined.

To make things worse, there is something wrong with Lili; something malignant deep in her soul. And if she can't address this issue she will not survive.

So, sooner or later, Lili G Must Die.

Sample manuscript from LILI G MUST DIE:



Despite taking place in the 29th century, readers will find that the LILI G series isn't so much science fiction as it is future urban fantasy. Comparisons can be made to the Harry Potter series, but these are vague and only pertain to usage of magic (spells, called cantuses) and transportation (teleportation, called slipping).

Lili is also an orphan, like Harry, but has been adopted, so she has a loving family (one that is not without its own problems). School takes place in Saint Mary's Academy, a private day school located in the heart of Córdoba, Nueva Argentina. There are no houses or dorms, and magic is not a course of study. In fact, only a handful of people on Lili's new world, Azul, know that magic exists.

Due to the Vrol War, Azulian society has learned that vampires and lycans not only existed in humanity's past, but also continue to exist, the enhanced DNA having been long-ago deactivated in their ancestors. Hundreds of inactive lycans in the military were activated, via Max Gunnarsson's blood serum, enabling these soldiers to effectively fight against the Vrol, hive-minded insectoid aliens dedicated to the annihilation of the human species.

Immediately after the war, the government passes the Enhanced Subspecies Act, requiring genetic tests for all citizens. Anyone found to have inactive or active lycan DNA is required to register with the government. Racism does technically not exist on Azul, but speciesism does. Being included in the ESA database can affect one's ability to apply for certain employment and/or educational opportunities. For this reason Lili uses a fake identity while attending Saint Mary's. And, due to her magical abilities, she is able to affect her test results, and does so not only for herself, but also for her two friends, Tommy and Janie Williams, fraternal twins and lycans from Earth (Ketchikan, Alaska).

There are no testing requirements for the vampire genome. Many consider this unfair, but as politics is an attractive career path for those of inactive vampire descent, a majority of both houses of Congress are inactive vampires and thus manipulated legislation to their own favor.

Lili was born to lycan parents, and later learns she is also a mage; that is, one born with the ability to manipulate magic, albeit on a rather limited scale as compared to the Prīmulī, who are basically what humans would consider to be gods. Lycan/mage combinations are extremely rare, only having appeared five times throughout history, and Lili's unique genome is to her good fortune. Her great-grandfather (adoptive), Draagh, enhances her DNA, putting her on par with other Prīmulī. Draagh's reason for doing this to her is revealed in LILI G MUST DIE. Her genetic enhancement is also the reason she is being hunted by the Grigori; rogue Prīmulī, long-ago banned from their place in the universe.

While Lili's hybrid Primulus/lycan status is not publicly known, she tends to stand out due to her odd diction. She poses as an immigrant from New Switzerland, due to the fact that she is actually from Germany, and is completely fluent in both German and English. However, her spoken English is rather archaic. This, combined with her unusual height and lankiness (Azul has a slightly higher gravity than Earth, resulting in people being a bit shorter and stockier than their human ancestors) tends to separate her from the pack and leads to some harassment by fellow students (which also happen to unknowingly be inactive vampires). Her friend, Janie Williams, frequently tries to correct Lili's phrasing and word usage so that she'll better fit into her new environment.

29th century Azul differs completely from what the reader would believe, based on today's popular offerings. There is no social media. No one has a smart phone. The DataNet is highly regulated. Biotech implants, which had turned Earthlings into virtual zombies, were outlawed before the Exodus' arrival. Movie stars were long ago replaced by CGI and artificial intelligence created for the entertainment industry. In fact, celebrity status is only obtained through heroic deeds, tough choices and self-sacrifice.

And Lili is completely fine with all these things, being from a medieval world of magic, vampires, lycans and absolutely no technology. She has absolutely no problem combining Azul's tech with her magical abilities in order to spy on people and get into all sorts of trouble.

From the Saint Mary's Wildcats soccer team to the Obscure Language League to the R.I.P. Ryder Johnson Fan Club, operated by twisted little fans of a murderous traitor, Córdoba has plenty to offer the reader. The Gunnarsson Estate, the little blue house on the hill, Heladicious & Cattarro's Ice Cream Parlor, Villa Roma Argentine/Italian Restaurant and the Plaza de Armas create a charming backdrop that is full of surprises. Mixing together growing up, teen drama, a bit of violence (actually, a lot), loyalty and deceit and the mystical and the physical, fans of everything from Harry Potter to The Mortal Instruments to the Divergent Series will enjoy the world (and universe) of Lili G.