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Genre Science Fantasy

Status Complete

No. Words 80,803

Date Posted: January 26, 2019

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Lili Gatto starts her second year at Saint Mary's, but in her very first class she sees someone who shouldn't even be on her planet, let alone first period English. Later, she gets a very special pet, reluctantly joins the soccer team and vacations in the land of her birth.

However, she learns about Yggdrasil (a.k.a. The Hyperion Construct), the tree found on every planet in the universe. It allows a stranded Primulus to travel through space/time without the aid of their ghanlo.

Lili uses the tree (of course), with some unintended consequences. She must find a way to restore her timeline or run the risk of losing her family and friends forever.

Lili Gatto is back in this sensational follow-up to LILI G MUST DIE. Joining Lili are her best friends, Alaskan lycan twins Tommy and Janie Williams, soccer star Dani Woolrich and, of course, Margaret Morganstein.

Touching on themes of maturity and adolescent struggles common with everyday teens, LILI G: HYPERION exposes the reader to even more of Lili's fantastic universe, this time delving into alternate timelines, and demonstrating how sometimes things are better left untouched.